Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coming Soon:

Out with the old, and so on. After a year or so off, I'll be working from here - for now, I'll offer ten points to anyone who can correctly guess where the new title comes from.

Dawdle up Country
, where I used to blog, now reads like a sponge for PhD anxieties, with a long tail-off trying to decipher life in Hungary. When it's not doing either of those things, it appears to be engaged in a running (and presumably one-sided) battle with the Guardian culture section. I've shifted to this place because I'd like to write more substantially, and more often, about the things I perhaps didn't really feel assertive enough to cover two or three years ago. I don't quite feel that I grasped how useful this form of writing was (and, of course, is) as a precursor to more substantial projects, or, indeed, how it constitutes a project in its own right.

While I'm aware of having set myself impossible tasks before, here's a sample of things I hope to have up here soon:

- An essay-review on Gabriel Josipovici's Whatever Happened to Modernism, which is currently half-written.
- A piece on the BBC's Human Planet.
- The song-by-song article on humour in This Nation's Saving Grace that I started composing mentally on my walk home the other evening.

Don't let me get away with it, this time.

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