Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anchorage III

Anchorage iii

See? Major innovations in dock/

shoal architect/ skål/ with the underbite

you’re the breed, squat angle containment.

And I reckon on north-west location and

I reckon those trapped in floe can be christ-

ened: he really thinks the gathering whalers

press in, press in like what breaks on Flannan

or in anthrax remission. If the CPO lands

on the hemispheric mat? A timer -

committed once to the unsealing of

delicacy, now to the national projekt –

is fixed into the cliff; below the bars

on hair-trigger, on demand, on something

anticipating, most of all, wordbreak.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Anchorage II

Anchorage ii

Z only point seaviews north north east as

spectrum pilot/ the five-mile inland NDB

locks coarse awareness of traffic’s actual

& massive scale. Before the pier read where

the underwriters were, reet from Godthåb

to Archangel under the parabolae of a)

something mythic & 2) able archer arc.

We say ’radio silence’ when really we’re

pissed off. More beautiful if cut here –

oh, breakdowns need vocabulary, though,

and I’ve only bluish flint, the trails and scales

of great migrations and strategic geography.

These angles of blue crates stamped for longing

and range, their implied sightlines dwindle.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anchorage I


S/he couldn’t find a single inelegant

sentence in the fiat – where the burn

outs the combe is the outmost part

of the MSA’s leverage; where we find

lucidity, on the tarmac, you dreem sonar.

Stir at SeaTac?? Antiflash and aluminium

abstract in the radiopharm, in Nixon’s HUD

this journey’s long, cuts continental corners

through the frigid zone and the cold

contracts. Screems in dead playgrounds.

Here no-one fucks in the afternoon,

there’s no rubbish and rime

even is managed: you’re shocked when

tangerine ripples the blue recording.