Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anchorage III

Anchorage iii

See? Major innovations in dock/

shoal architect/ skål/ with the underbite

you’re the breed, squat angle containment.

And I reckon on north-west location and

I reckon those trapped in floe can be christ-

ened: he really thinks the gathering whalers

press in, press in like what breaks on Flannan

or in anthrax remission. If the CPO lands

on the hemispheric mat? A timer -

committed once to the unsealing of

delicacy, now to the national projekt –

is fixed into the cliff; below the bars

on hair-trigger, on demand, on something

anticipating, most of all, wordbreak.


  1. Joe do you have an email address? Really like the poems and would like to chat more. AN

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