Thursday, May 5, 2011

Collected Articles, 2009-2011

As a way of pre-empting a new burst of writing, both journalistic and academic, and in order to make this blog look like it has something on it, here's a set of links to my journo pieces from the last year and a half:

Review of Žižek's
First As Tragedy, Then As Farce - 3AM, November 2009

Review of Andy Beckett's When the Light's Went Out
- 3AM, March 2010

Review of Max Schaefer's
Children of the Sun - Quietus, April 2010

Review of Dominic Fox's
Cold World - 3AM, June 2010

Review of David Stubbs' Fear of Music
- 3AM, July 2010

Review of Tom Raworth's Windmills in Flames - 3AM, July 2010

Interview with Mark Fisher/ K-Punk
- 3AM, July 2010

Review of
Žižek's Living in the End Times - 3AM, September 2010

Anniversary piece on Slint's Spiderland
- Quietus, April 2011

Honestly, the Josipovici piece is on its way, and I'm also really enthused by the idea of writing something on Exile, that not-entirely-successful Paul Abbott thing that's just been on the BBC.

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